• 44: Suspicious Best Friend & Right in the Scrotum
    Erin discusses the mysterious disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert, an up and coming actress who started behaving suspiciously after attending a weekend party alone, and went missing shortly thereafter. Stacey shares the death of Greg Fleniken who is found dead in his hotel room of what seemed to be a heart attack, but was later discovered to have been murdered.  
  • 43: Bodies in Barrels & the Fuel Rod Polisher
    Stacey recounts the story of the Snowtown murders committed by four South Australian men between 1992-1999 where twelve victims were murdered, tortured, and disposed of in barrels. Erin shares the mysterious death of Karen Silkwood, a labor union activist for a nuclear power plant who met an untimely death under suspicious circumstances. 
  • 42: Pesky Demons & the Rack Man
    Erin recounts the creepy stalker actions of Daniel LaPlante which laid the foundation for his murderous behavior later in life when he nearly killed every member of the Gustafson family. Stacey retells the mysterious discovery of the remains of an unknown deceased man off of the Hawkesbury River in Sydney Australia known only as “The Rack Man” for years.
  • 41: Hello Kitty & Spoiled Kids
    Stacey tells us about the 1999 murder of Fan Man-Yee of Hong Kong who was tortured and murdered by local drug lords over a stolen wallet. Erin recounts the murder of Thomas Gilbert Sr. who was shot by his 34-year-old son in retaliation for cutting his allowance. 
  • 40: Distinctive Car & a Suspicious Suicide
    Erin discusses the crimes committed by Christopher Porco who allegedly attacked his parents with an axe while they slept in their Delmar, New York home in 2004. Stacey recounts the murder of 16-year-old Annie McCann who was initially reported as a runaway, but was found dead 50 miles from her home only 48 hrs after disappearing. 
  • 39: Don’t Hitchhike & Too Many Coincidences
    Stacey tells of the multiple unsolved murders that occurred in Santa Rosa, CA in the early 70s which quickly earned the nickname “The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders.” Erin recounts the mysterious circumstances around the disappearance of Mary Shotwell Little and the eerie similarities between her case and another murder victim, Diane Shields. 
  • 38: Hey Kid, Wanna See a Dead Body & an Official Looking Pantsuit
    Erin discusses the murders committed by Alexander Pichushkin, a man who earned the nickname “The Chessboard Killer” because he committed nearly 60 murders in Russia’s Bista Park between 1992-2016. Stacey shares the story of the murder of Sherri Dally at the hands of her cheating husband, Michael Dally, and his mistress in Ventura, Ca in 1996.
  • 37: Satan’s Galaxy & a Shitty Vampire
    Stacey tells us of Mark Dobson a 24-year-old Satan worshiper who believed he was under orders from the Gods of Hell to participate in a murder/suicide pact in order to live in Satan’s paradise for all eternity. Erin shares the story of Rod Ferrell a 16-year-old who believed he was a 500-year-old vampire who murdered his girlfriend’s parents while seemingly in a frenzy.
  • 36: Nipple Biter & A Cocaine Psychosis
    Erin shares the murders committed by Andrei Chikatilo, who brutally murdered and mutilated over 50 women and children. Stacey tells us about Randall Knese who murdered his wife while in a cocaine induced psychosis.
  • 35: Bloody Footprints & Massaging the Doodle
    Stacey shares the terrifying story of Dick and Jody Vilardo who were murdered in their own home on Mother’s Day 2015. Erin recounts the horrific stabbing of Lisa Knoefel done at the hands of her foster daughter Sabrina Zunich while her husband was away on travel.
  • 34: Murder Kits & Mysterious Voicemails
     Erin shares a listener suggested story of Israel Keyes, an American serial killer who committed a string of crimes from 1996 until his capture in 2012. Stacey tells us of the untimely death of Henry McCabe whose disappearance and death were made even more unnerving due to a final voicemail he left minutes before his death. 
  • 33: Beef, Cakes & Circumstantial Evidence
    Stacey discussed the events leading up to Brian Barrett’s murder which was instigated by an online love triangle involving Brian, his co-worker, Thomas Montgomery, and a young teenager who went by the name Jessi. Erin recounts Larry Eyler’s murder spree that ended with 19-23 dead young men.
  • 32: Ern the Ghost & Roadside Assistance
    Erin shares the mysterious disappearance of Sophia McKenna and the untimely death of Spencer Mugford after a midnight adventure on a mastless sailboat to an abandoned lighthouse in Groton, Connecticut. Stacey tells of the disappearance of Bryce Laspisa who went missing near Castaic Lake, CA in late 2013 after exhibiting strange behavior. 
  • 31: Hippy Cheese & PO Box Nightmares
    Stacey shares the horrific murder of Holly Maddux who was brutally killed by her activist hippy boyfriend, Ira Einhorn. Erin recounts the senseless murders of three unsuspecting women at the hands of Oscar Ray Bolin.
  • 30: Pee-can Prints & Pizza Hoes
    Erin recounts the horrific crimes of Dean Corll, a serial killer best known as the Candy Man, who murdered countless young men in the early 70s. Stacey tells us about the murderous rampage of Mitchell Sims, a disgruntled ex-Domino’s Pizza employee who sought revenge against the company after he quit his job. 
  • 29: Partially Burned Murder Plans & Yo No Thank You
    Stacey retells the brutal and senseless murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart, also known as “the Scream Murder.” Erin shares the mysterious disappearance of four-year-old Marlena Childress and her mother’s suspicious behavior after the fact. 
  • 28: A Metal Barrette Complex & a Sketchy Footbridge
    Erin shares the horrifying story of two brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, who went on a six-day murder spree in Wichita Kansas. Stacey recalls the inhumane acts of kidnapping and rape by Rex Krebs, a local San Luis Obispo construction worker with a seedy past.
  • 27: Revenge of the Glass Coffee Table & Love For Ever, Lucille
    Stacey tells us about the gruesome murder of Brenda Schaefer whose break up with Mel Ignatow turned deadly when she tried to return some belongings. Erin recounts the mystery behind room 1046 and Roland T. Owen, who was a guest at the President Hotel when he died in suspicious circumstances.
  • 26: Who’s Not Moving Dead Bodies & the Circle Jerk Writer
    Stacey discusses the murder of Reyna Marroquin whose body wasn’t discovered until 30 years after her disappearance. Erin recounts when the entire town of Circleville was blackmailed with threatening letters from an anonymous writer. Some twists, turns, and many years later, the author is still unknown and may have gotten away with murder. 
  • 25: Aggravating Factors & Lucky Underwear
    Erin tells us the story of Angela Sanford, a self-proclaimed Wiccan, who invites Joel Leyva to celebrate a Wiccan holiday only to use him as a human sacrifice. Stacey shares the kidnapping and mysterious details surrounding the death of Charles Morgan of Tucson AZ who may have been involved with organized crime in the 70s. 
  • 24: The BLT Killer & the Unlucky Neighbor
    Stacey tells us about the strange homicide of Sharon Lopatka who actively looked for a sexual partner on the internet which eventually led to her consensual death. Erin shares the mysterious deaths of David and Jeannette Crewe who were apparently murdered in their New Zealand home, but the motive has yet to be determined.
  • 23: A Partially Eaten Head & Where Did Her Eyes Go?
    Erin tells us about the mysterious disappearance of two-year-old Pauline Picard who was later found both dead and alive. Stacey shares the torturous events that led to the eventual murder of Kelly Anne Bates at the hands of her abusive partner. 
  • 22: Neon Wine & Outside Video Games
    Stacey shares the story of Scott Dell a devoted family man whose obsession with his ex-wife, Cherrylle, led to his eventual murder at the hands of his beloved. Erin recounts the disappearance of 9-year-old Skyler Kauffman a young girl whose life was taken too short by an abductor just steps away from her own home. 
  • 21: DNA Clan Agreement & the Forgotten Woman
    Erin discussed the mysterious death of Anna Marie Hlavka whose murder was solved many years later thanks to DNA ancestry test kits. Stacey shares the murder of Britney Tiger, an indigenous woman whose suspicious disappearance and death remains unsolved today.
  • 20: Death by Chimney & the Man Cave of Shoes
     Stacey discusses the mysterious death of Joshua Maddux a teen who went missing in Woodland Park, Co and was found seven years later in an abandoned cabin a few blocks from his home. Erin tells us about Jerome Henry Brudos known as the Shoe Fetish Slayer whose obsession escalated to a violent murder spree. 
  • 19: Oopsie Poopsie They Got Loosey & Uh-Oh the Clown
     Erin shares the deeds of a dirty cop Gerard Schaefer that would offer rides to hitchhikers who would mysteriously go missing. Stacey tells of the terrible day when Rex Mays snapped, and in his misplaced rage, murdered his two young neighbors.
  • 18: The Midnight Mass-acre & the Canadian Tuxedo Killers
    Stacey shocks us with the apparent satanic ritualistic murder of 19-year-old Arlis Perry done in the sanctity of her own church. Erin retells the Keddie cabin murders in which a quadruple homicide takes place in a rural resort town in Northern California.
  • 17: Mysteriously Missing Organs & Dr. Detective
    Erin tells us of 17-year-old Mike Mansholt whose vacation turned tragic after a fatal bike ride through the Malta hills. At first his death was ruled an accident, but after further investigation his family believes foul play to be involved. Stacey shares the 1987 case of the Menendez brothers, Lyle and Erik, who brutally murdered their wealthy parents in their Beverly Hills home. Initially the brothers weren’t suspects, but their behavior shortly following the murders began to raise suspicions. 
  • 16: The Sketchy Janitor & the Superstitious Sacrifices
    Stacey describes the brutal assault and eventual murder of Jill Cahill at the hands of her ex-husband Jeff Cahill. Erin shares the horrific murders committed by Leonarda Cianciulli who later turned her victims into soap and cakes.
  • 15: Flame Throwin' Santa & Decapitation: The Musical
    Erin tells the horrifying story of a Christmas party gone wrong, where Bruce Pardo massacres the Ortega family. Stacey recounts the gruesome details of the murder and beheading of Silvestre Diaz at the hands of his girlfriends nephew, Alexis Valdez.
  • 14: Google Earth Body Search & The Planter Box Murderer
    Stacey shares the missing persons case of Alissa Turney where her stepfathers suspicious actions leave you wondering if he didn't cause her disappearance. Erin recounts the crimes of Toronto's most prolific serial killer Bruce McArthur AKA "The Lawnmower Man" and how some seemingly standard planters lead to his demise.Missing Alissa Podcast: https://www.missingalissa.comPetition to convict Mike Turney:https://www.thepetitionsite.com/842/331/976/demand-michael-turney-go-to-trial-for-the-death-of-alissa-turney/
  • 13: The Clementine Cannibal Couple & the Mysterious Murder Note
    Erin recounts the gruesome story of the cannibal couple Natalia and Dmitry Baksheev. Stacey horrifies us with the unsolved murder of Faith Hedgepeth, a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe.
  • 12: Douglas the Menace & the Nervous Poos
    Buckle up everyone! This episode contains a lot of shit talk… and we mean that literally! Stacey tells the story of the murderous rampage of Douglas Comiskey against two beloved priests of a local Pueblo, Co church. Erin shares Diana Lovejoy and Weldon McDavid Jr’s hastily concocted plan to murder.  Death Invades the Rectory by Betty L. Alt & Sandra K. Wells:https://www.amazon.com/Death-Invades-Rectory-Betty-Alt/dp/1457546868
  • 11: Girl Power with Chili Powder & the Whispering Stalker
    Erin mixes things up a bit by sharing the morbidly uplifting story of the lynching of an Indian slum warlord, Akku Yadav, who was a known rapist and murderer. Stacey tells the frustrating story of the death of Cindy James in which the outcome of the investigation is controversial.
  • 10: The Missing Oil Drum & Rising Demons
    Stacey regales us with an account of the mysterious death of a beloved VA nurse, Deborah Ann Wolfe, and infuriating investigation which follows. Erin treats us all to another dramatic reading while recounting the tragic murder/suicide of Zach Bowen and Addie Hall which took place above a Voodoo Spiritual Temple 
  • 09: The Wednesday Night Stalker & the Burglarizing Butcher
    Erin takes a break from her Red Dead marathon to share the mysterious murder of Dorothy Jane Scott, a loving mother who goes missing only to be found dead on the side of a road 4 years later. Stacey shares the story of John Martin Scripps a traveler who kills and steals his victims’ identities while abroad, aka the Tourist from Hell.
  • 08: Ball Point Pen Stomp & Adam's Apple Chomp
    Stacey recounts the terrifying Hi-Fi Murders which occurred during a robbery of a Utah based electronics store. Erin tells us about the German serial killer Friedrich Heinrich Karl "Fritz" Haarmann aka The Butcher of Hanover.
  • 07: Lil's Choir Solo & the Worst Murderin' Movie
    Stacey shares the disheartening story of Katherine Lillian Armstrong's murder also known as The Newcastle Halloween Murder. Erin recounts the murders committed by Jake Evans inspired by Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween remake told from Jake's perspective. Promo featuring: Wine & Crime
  • 06: Canadian Vampire Bill & Peculiar Plumbing Problems
    Erin & Stacey reveal a little too much of their strange obsession with vampires as Stacey shares the story of the Vampire Rapist, Wayne Boden. Erin gets into gruesome detail of the killings of the British Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Nilsen, and his peculiar plumbing problems.
  • 05: Bloody Tickets & Yak Baks
    Stacey recounts the death of Johnathan Luna an Assistant United States Attorney who was found deceased under suspicious circumstances. Erin shares the murder of Timothy MacNeil, the stepfather to a student who Erin & Stacey went to high school with. 
  • 04: Rabbit Smoothies & an APB on a Body
    Erin shares her personal encounter with a haunted attic in Cape Cod and also recants the murders of Richard Trenton Chase . Stacey discusses a case from Economy Pennsylvania where a woman’s severed head was found on the side of the road.
  • 01: Black Fanny Packs & Ghetto Google Streets
    Join us for our very first episode! Erin & Stacey discuss the mysterious deaths of both Blair Adams and Jon Lang.
  • 02: Radioactive Yetis & Flame Throwers
    Erin tells Stacey all about the unsolved deaths of 9 expirenced ski expedition-ers an event now referred to as: The Dyatlov Pass Incident. Stacey proceeds to horrify Erin with the in-depth details of The Rotenburg Cannibal: Armin Meiwes.Promo featuring: Heartland Homicide
  • 03: Pansy the Landress & Werewolf Semantics
    Stacey describes the eerie events surrounding the spontaneous death of Mary Reeser and Erin recounts the Richardson Family Murders also known as the Werewolf Massacre.
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