161: Concrete Couch

Play Now: Concrete Couch

This week Stacey tells us about the murder of Lisa Mitchell, a young mother who was found entombed in cement after she was fatally strangled by her husband, Allan Shyback, in 2012.



The disappearance of Lisa Mitchell


Full parole denied for man who strangled wife, buried body in their Calgary home

159: Leeroy Jenkins

Play Now: Leeroy Jenkins

This week Stacey tells us about Brookey Lee West, a self proclaimed witch who was convicted of murdering her mother, Christine Smith, in 1998.


157: The Stair Case

Play Now: The Stair Case

This week, Stacey tells us about the 2017 Weis Market shooting in Pennsylvania. Randy Stair murdered three of his coworkers before taking his own life. 


156: GOD DAMN 2.0!!!

Play Now: GOD DAMN 2.0!!!

We have suffered another technical difficulty, so this week we are sharing a patreon episode while we get our shit together! 

This month Erin tells us about the kidnapping and murder of Madalyn O’Hair an American woman who was an activist for Atheism and for the separation of church and state.  In 1995 Austin, Texas she was kidnapped along with her son and her granddaughter and was eventually found buried on a Texas ranch.




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