18: The Midnight Mass-acre & the Canadian Tuxedo Killers



Play Now: The Midnight Mass-acre & the Canadian Tuxedo Killers

Stacey shocks us with the apparent satanic ritualistic murder of 19-year-old Arlis Perry done in the sanctity of her own church. Erin retells the Keddie cabin murders in which a quadruple homicide takes place in a rural resort town in Northern California.

17: Mysteriously Missing Organs & Dr. Detective

Play Now: Mysteriously Missing Organs & Dr. Detective

Erin tells us of 17-year-old Mike Mansholt whose vacation turned tragic after a fatal bike ride through the Malta hills. At first his death was ruled an accident, but after further investigation his family believes foul play to be involved. Stacey shares the 1987 case of the Menendez brothers, Lyle and Erik, who brutally murdered their wealthy parents in their Beverly Hills home. Initially the brothers weren’t suspects, but their behavior shortly following the murders began to raise suspicions.

16: The Sketchy Janitor & the Superstitious Sacrifices


Play Now: The Sketchy Janitor & the Superstitious Sacrifices

Stacey describes the brutal assault and eventual murder of Jill Cahill at the hands of her ex-husband Jeff Cahill. Erin shares the horrific murders committed by Leonarda Cianciulli who later turned her victims into soap and cakes.

15: Flame Throwin’ Santa & Decapitation: The Musical

Play Now: Flame Throwin’ Santa & Decapitation: The Musical

Erin tells the horrifying story of a Christmas party gone wrong, where Bruce Pardo massacres the Ortega family. Stacey recounts the gruesome details of the murder and beheading of Silvestre Diaz at the hands of his girlfriends nephew, Alexis Valdez.

14: Google Earth Body Search & The Planter Box Murderer

Play Now: Google Earth Body Search & The Planter Box Murderer

Stacey shares the missing persons case of Alissa Turney where her stepfathers suspicious actions leave you wondering if he didn’t cause her disappearance. Erin recounts the crimes of Toronto’s most prolific serial killer Bruce McArthur AKA “The Lawnmower Man” and how some seemingly standard planters lead to his demise.

Missing Alissa Podcast:

Petition to convict Mike Turney:

Google Earth Link: https://earth.google.com/web/@33.70145014,-115.39777298,303.06206242a,146.75163577d,35y,15.66937166h,0t,0r/data=CjwaOhIyCgAZNxjqsMLZQEAhVtEfmnnZXMAqHDMzwrA0MicwNC41Ik4gMTE1wrAyMyc1My4wIlcYAiABKAI



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