24: The BLT Killer & the Unlucky Neighbor


Play Now: The BLT Killer & the Unlucky Neighbor

Stacey tells us about the strange homicide of Sharon Lopatka who actively looked for a sexual partner on the internet which eventually led to her consensual death. Erin shares the mysterious deaths of David and Jeannette Crewe who were apparently murdered in their New Zealand home, but the motive has yet to be determined.

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  1. Hey Ladies! Love the podcast and your banter. Could be odd laughing at things like this but if you can’t laugh at some of the crazy shit out there then it will just be too dark and depressing.

    Had a few things to say about the NZ case. My wife is from New Zealand and she definitely knows about this case. I think it is fairly well known down there. I also heard this case in a different true crime podcast. They had read that someone could have been in the garden outside when they fired one of the killing shots. It apparently lined up from the casing through a window to where some blood stains were found. From what I remember that theory might be from the police before it was discovered to be planted. Still messed up either way right?

    Keep the episodes coming, you all are great to listen to. True Crime in a unique and fun way.

    Mark from Austin, TX.


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